MB-1100 Bidet – regular water $59.87

Modern Bidet MB 1100 $59.87
شطاف يعمل بالماء البارد (العادى) للولايات ذات الطقس الحار والمعتدل، ويُنصح باستعمال الشطافات التى تعمل بالماء الساخن والبارد للولايات ذات الطقس البارد، يمكنكم الإتصال بنا للمساعدة فى إختيار الأفضل لكم

The MB-1100 is the highest fantastic model of Modern Bidet collection in Cold Water Bidet gives you a maximum personal hygiene. Modern Bidet MB-1100 products comes with a retractable nozzle and also with Nozzle self cleaning system to clean the nozzle for more and better Hygiene system clinging.
This makes the bidet more comfortable and easy for everybody to use.
Modern Bidet MB-1100 is Ideal for man, woman, children and older people for healthy and clean life style with Multi-Function and Affordable price.MB-1100 Cold Water Bidet Has a Water Pressure Knob…To select the pressure of water and to use it for Self Cleaning Nozzle too.
MB-1100 is the best model it can be attached to most toilets.
Modern Bidet MB-1100 Woman Benefits:
Feel fresh all day, enjoy a clean healthy life and User-friendly during clean-up process for women during menstrual cycle and pregnancy

WE ship only to USA.

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